Our goal is to make the world of work a better place by connecting
organizations and leaders to the information and people that
inspire intelligent action and success!


We are a growth company, expanding organically. Our growth has earned us the reputation of producing the fastest growing HR events in the world that have helped change the HR Industry. Our HR Tech World portfolio combined rank HRN as the largest Corporate HR Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology.

Global research confirms that technology is the foundation for Strategic HR, with leaders travelling from over 80 countries enabling our community to influence over 40 million employees worldwide. No other community is having such a powerful impact on shaping the future of work. Our clients include the most exciting brands and forward thinking organisations in the world, and we are expanding our operations and ideas together with them. We have set our sights on the future and how to help change the Future of Work, blazing the trail
for others to follow.


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we have ever attended.
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