HR Tech World - the fastest growing show on the Future of Work in the world – opens in San Francisco on June 14th & 15th 2017 at
Fort Mason.

A New World for
the Future of Work

Offering access to the greatest and largest Community focused on the Future of Work with enterprise decision makers from +120 countries. Enterprise Leaders will come together with the Who’s Who in the industry and work together to transform the Future of Work.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (October 4th, 2016) “We are thrilled and excited to bring HR Tech World to San Francisco” said Marc Coleman, CEO of HRN “Following 5 years successfully disrupting a saturated events industry in London, Paris and Amsterdam, HRN is activating HR Tech World’s newest home and location - San Francisco. Organizations continue to search for new, better and faster as they look to add real value. People are looking for innovation that is authentic and real, for technology that works, but it’s more than that, it’s how do you successfully
Unleash Your People? HRN looks forward showcasing the latest innovations
to enable that success.”

HR Tech World will gather the Who’s Who of the industry - vendors, global media, disruptHR’s, visionaries, and doers from all over the world - to share ideas on how to transform their organizations, identify the best technologies and ways to apply them for maximum impact and increased value.

Companies at HR Tech World in 2015 represented over 12 trillion USD in combined revenues. Endorsed by visionary leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Rachel Botsman, Gary Hamel and Dan Pink, and described as the fastest growing HR events in the world. For 5 consecutive years SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle and Workday, considered the big three of the HCM software market, have each been lead sponsors – the only show in the world to earn this endorsement.


Jason Averbook

industry champion, who has dedicated his future to digital and predicting the Future of Work, had this to say:

I could not be more thrilled that HRN is launching their US conference in 2017 .... The quality, consistency and professionalism that HRN has brought to the HR and workforce technology space in the last 5 years is nothing short of spectacular. The quality of their programming combined with their care for the community they build is so needed as the world of work continues to become more complex and we all continue to think about the digital transformations ahead. Welcome to the US HRN and we can’t wait for you to help us focus on the future.

As someone who has been at every HRN event since its inception, I can state the HR Tech World combines the best content, with the best member care, with the best ongoing community building in our space. There is need for more than a single event in the US and I am thrilled and excited to watch HRN be successful in growing its global footprint in helping us all define and focus on the future of work.

Naomi Bloom

winner of the HRN Lifetime Achievement Award last year has testified that:

I've been an invited speaker at too many events to count dating back to the mid-70's, so I know a thing or two about what it takes to deliver not only a great program and effective logistics but also a value-laden, high ROI experience which is remembered and referenced time after time. I've been very impressed by the care and creativity with which Marc Coleman and his HRN team have developed the HR Tech World Congress, and with the incredible learning and networking that's made my time at these conferences so very well spent. You can feel Marc's capable hand on the tiller as they've addressed tremendous growth in both attendees and exhibitors, international expansion, and programming innovation. Best wishes for their continued success as HRN enters the US HR technology event market.


Insight, inspiration, vision and innovation are watchwords for an attendee experience and richness of content that many thousands already enjoy, and will bring a new dynamic to the US community interested in digital workforce tools and the Future of Work. A world away from tired carpeted halls with little daylight, Fort Mason will enable delegates to enjoy a uniquely Bay Area experience that celebrates San Francisco and the age of innovation.

HRN clients are the most important brands in HR, and Workforce Technology, including many of the world’s most exciting organizations: ADP, Cornerstone, Infor, Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Microsoft, General Electric, Pfizer, Kraft, Google, NGA Human Resources, CoreHR, the FBI, IBM, Careerbuilder, Coca Cola, ExxonMobil, L’Oreal, NASA, Facebook, CrossKnowledge, SmartRecruiters, Benify, Twitter, the US Navy, Avature, Monster and many more.

Don’t miss out on HR Tech World in San Francisco; more than just an experience, it will be the most exclusive gathering of senior enterprise Leaders in the US in 2017.

About HRN

Founded in 2011, HRN is a growth company, expanding organically. Our growth has earned us the reputation of producing the fastest growing events in the world on the Future of Work that have helped change the industry. Our goal is to help optimize, enable and unleash people and make the world of work a better place. Since 2011 this vision has become the marketplace of choice for the HR Community.

The HR Tech World portfolio combined rank HRN as the largest Corporate HR Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology. No other community is having such a powerful impact on shaping the Future of Work. Our clients include the most exciting brands and forward thinking organizations in the world. We have set our sights on the future and how to help change the Future of Work, blazing the trail for others to follow.